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SERGIO HERMAN GROUP was developed to unite a strong team of specialists to create space for new projects. professionalism and creativity join hands and deliver well‑founded culinary promises.

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The former 3 michelin star chef, with a fundamental belief in a dialogue where flavour and style collide, is the mastermind behind a collection of restaurants and cafes. They all have their own individual identity.

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Concepts are conceived, refined and refreshed by the creative heart of the organisation. The team is always looking for the right flow so that the guest’s experience does not stop at the flavour on the plate. The integral vision of each culinary concept is the result of many different collaborations that give the whole individuality and uniqueness. Food is the beating heart of our universe, but always in unique harmony with fashion, design, art and music.

SH19 is led by Sergio Herman and Jacco La Gasse, supported by a collective of designers, photographers, copywriters, filmmakers, DJs, musicians, artists, ceramists and winemakers to name just a few.

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