Sergio Herman Group

Le Pristine Café

Location: Le <strong>Pristine Café</strong> Antwerp

Location: Antwerp



Le Pristine Café is the right spot to celebrate long-lasting friendships and a great place to make new ones. While it’s very easy to lose track of time because of the luscious interior, it can also be a place where you can hop in for a quick bite or order food to go.

Within the heart of Antwerp’s vibrant shopping neighborhood, a 1960’s modernist building houses two different culinary concepts: Le Pristine restaurant and Le Pristine Café. What both concepts have in common is the festive and energetic nature of lavish Italian cuisine with a touch of Zeeland terroir.

The Café is a casual counter bar offering a variety of sharing dishes, gastronomic pizza’s and contemporary cocktails according to Sergio’s New Italian style of cooking.

Through the inviting full-height glass windows, the wood-fired pizza oven lures you in when walking by. Le Pristine Café has a cocktail list that is incredibly tasteful as it is both original and exclusive. The combination of the bar counter's white marble and oak wood conveys the traditional Italian trattoria charm.

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