Sergio Herman Group

Martini Spritzante

“Italy has been deeply rooted in my heart since I started working on my latest restaurant project, Le Pristine, four years ago. Obviously, when the opportunity came along to partner with one of Italy’s most iconic brands, I didn’t have to think twice.”

MARTINI Spritzante is a sparkling 'ready to serve' cocktail born from a unique collaboration between Sergio Herman and MARTINI. For this collaboration, an entirely new palette of flavors was developed together with Sergio Herman, Paul Morel and MARTINI’S master blender, Beppe Musso. The result is a fresh cocktail with flavors of grapefruit, basil and a touch of vanilla. Well-balanced with a subtle hint of bitterness.

The scoop to launch this exclusive Martini-Sergio Herman product has been granted to Delhaize for Belgium and to Jumbo for the Netherlands.