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“The first time Sergio and I met was because he visited our showroom for his restaurant The Jane in Antwerp. He was there to look for plates and bowls with his friend Piet Boon, who designed the interior of his restaurant, and who happened to have his own collection for Serax.
Sergio’s drive and passion and his pursuit, perfection and holistic approach immediately appealed to me. From that moment the warm contact has always persisted.

A few years later, in 2015, we came to speak about AIRrepublic, a new restaurant concept in the Dutch coastal town of Cadzand that he was working on. It was in the early development stage and with the same ambition with which The Jane was launched, Sergio spoke about his desire to develop his own plates, bowls, cutlery, pots and pans and everything else. Enchanted by the passion and convinced of this man’s waterfall of ideas and creativity I granted him the possibility to design a personal tableware collection which took inspiration from Zeeland’s raw and pure nature.

This led to a very extensive collection that was given the name Surface and yet to this day, this is one of the most successful collections in the history of Serax. This fruitful formula was continued for the sake of restaurant Le Pristine. Sergio and his team brought a whole bunch of new ideas to the table with inspiration from his recent trips to Japan which resulted in a completely new line under the name of Inku by Sergio Herman. Convinced and pleased by the enthusiastic comments of journalists, stylists and happy customers, we know we have another winner!”

Axel Van Den Bossche, CEO Serax

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