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The relationship with Lotte Landsheer of Cor Unum goes back to 2011, to the days of restaurant Oud Sluis. This first project was a collaboration with the Belgian artist Kamagurka who designed an ear, a nose and a tongue that was part of a friandise concept. Who was to think that someone could pull this off? We didn’t. But Lotte and Cor Unum did.

Since that time we designed many things together and the most complete project thus far is a collection tableware for the Blueness brand. We cherish the friendship and the beautiful work Lotte does for and with the people of Cor Unum. The history of this company is long and eventful and goes back more than 65 years. Sergio is just one of the ambassadors of the ceramic studio in the Dutch town of ‘s Hertogenbosch. Cor Unum – literally: One at heart - is a place for people with a distance to the labor market. They all share one common goal, everyone deserves a place, everyone has a talent and everyone can contribute to make the world a little more beautiful!

“The connection I have with Sergio is one of respect and love for what comes on a table. We share the same passion for craftmanship and aesthetic beauty. This has resulted in so many wonderful objects and every single one of them lay close to my heart. For more than five years Sergio has committed himself to be on the board of jurors together with renowned designers, editors of design magazines and museum directors of the yearly design competition of Cor Unum to reward young design talent!”
Lotte Landsheer, Cor Unum

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