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Restaurant Manager

The restaurant manager is responsible for the daily operations of AIRrepublic and AIRcafé. The focus is on qualitative and quantitative objectives (costs/hours, efficiency) and providing information to the management. The restaurant manager works together with the head chef.


  • Optimization of processes and services
    • Oversee progress and execution quality of work and operational support.
    • Operational support during service.
    • Coordinate operational matters within the teams, discuss bottlenecks, determine solutions.
    • Ensure efficient working methods and procedures and their instruction to employees.
    • Ensuring compliance with regulations in the areas of safety, health, HACCP and working methods.
    • Ensure the implementation of decisions taken.
  • Personnel Management
    • Operational direction to employees in the restaurant.
    • Establishing qualitative and quantitative personnel planning.
    • Selection of new staff (in consultation with management/board).
    • Assessing and encouraging employees, conducting performance interviews, making development agreements.
  • Reporting and Accountability
    • Ensure adequate administration and preparation of management reports.
    • Explain and justify results, deviations and activities for improvement.


  • You are hospitable, friendly and have a natural courtesy.
  • Highly skilled in communication (both written and oral).
  • Excellent knowledge of Dutch and English.
  • You have good computer skills and good knowledge of Office software.
  • You are a real team player, lively, energetic, motivated and able to motivate others.
  • Eye for detail and "hands-on" mentality.
  • You are creative, results-oriented and flexible.
  • You have the courage to make decisions and to be decisive.
  • You have leadership skills.
  • You remain calm and goal-oriented even under pressure.


  • Full-time
  • AIRrepublic is open from Saturday to Tuesday.


  • Immediately


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